Premium E-liquids from AVB, a wide range of premium flavours available in 50ml & 100ml. Our full balanced flavours will tantalize your taste buds.

Murf Blood

One of our biggest selling and well known premium e-liquids from AVB, A fallback to your childhood.Blue slush puppy flavour that is exactly like drinking the real thing, a deep sour raspberry.

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Cust D'oh

A original from the start, Cust D'oh was one of the first premium E-liquids from AVB, if you like a custard doughnut without the calories then look no further!!!!

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Nar Nar Moo Shake

Did someone say milkshake? This one will send your taste buds banana's. A super creamy banana milkshake with extra ice-cream , bordering on a mousse with how creamy it is.

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Lemon Flavours that kick ash!!!

When life gives you Lemonz, our new range to AVB.

Well balanced, great flavours what more is there to say?

All the liquids I’ve tried from AVB have all been good but murfs blood is the one for me always go back to it. 10/10

Matt Kearney

Amazing flavour amazing liquid and an amazing service what's not to love if you haven't tried avb then your missing out

Dai Bean Magrin

Avb is spot on . Great on coils full of flavour & very fairly priced. I have been using avb for about 3 years would totally recommend.

Krazeejoe Morris